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Put on a happy face. 2019/10/2 122 min.


The Joker is a main character in the most recent Batman film, The Dark Knight. The Joker is a demented, twisted clown who possesses extraordinary supernatural powers and abilities. He's a tragic figure with twisted behavior and mental instability. The Joker is known for being the "dark"humorous" side of Batman.

The Joker makes his first appearance in the movie as the villain, the film begins with the mysterious death of Bruce Wayne, the son of a wealthy but corrupt city councilman. His death has been blamed on the Joker, his reason for this is that Batman will not be given the Bruce Wayne identity. The two meet in a criminal casino where they engage in fierce combat.

Once Batman is defeated, he fights back but not before the Joker injects him with a substance that stuns him and cuts off his fight. He then proceeds to strangle the vigilante with a rope. The Joker then drops the body down the well, which is also known as the Batcave.

An individual named Harleen Quinzel, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne sees Batman's dead body in the Batcave and decides to take revenge. Her intention is to look for her deceased father who was one of Batman's first recruits. She chooses a wheelchair bound Joker from his past as her target.

The young boy called Damian Wayne plays an important role in the story of The Dark Knight. The young kid's father is the Joker's accomplice. When the Joker is executed, he attacks Batman with a machine gun. The gun explodes after a short while but Joker is able to escape through the sewer.

After some time, Harlequin Quinn finds Damian and takes him away from Gotham to the country. To scare Damian, she tells him that the Joker wants to see him and that he has a powerful device. Quinn then creates a huge monster that resembles the Jokers famous cartoon characters and uses it to take Damian to the caves where she intends to kill him. The Joker takes advantage of Quinn's delay and lures Damian to the caves in order to reveal to him what he knows about the identity.

Harlequin Quinn escapes the caves when Damian finds out that the Joker is a myth. The Joker then sends his henchmen after him and he ends up drowning them. Batman and Robin arrive and he is taken to Arkham Asylum. The Joker surprises him in the catacombs, where he, and Joker, fight again.

The Joker finally claims victory and tells Batman that he can live as long as he wishes, but when he dies, he wants to die alone. The Joker, however, reveals that he has another plan. As he pushes Batman's face to the wall, he then lets out a blood curdling scream, which cuts of Batman's head.

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