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Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


Parasites: they have it and they are not too picky. In this sequel, it is not the parasites that attack the main character, rather, they are the main characters. With a bunch of new challenges for Nick and his crew, this movie is still as fun as it was in the first installment. You can always count on parasites to attack in any movie and each movie will bring something new to the party. They always want to kill what is theirs and they are good at what they do.

The movie is set in modern day and has more of an action approach than the previous installment did. Each parasite is capable of doing different things in the course of the movie, like swarming a house, stealing an item or taking over the body of a killer, such as Heath Ledger in the first film. There are also new characters this time around. There is the famous story about parasites turning into fish and there is even an underwater segment where it is possible to see in these creatures are not just insects. It is not easy to find a moment when the movie is not interesting.

There are different ways in which parasites come into the picture. For instance, Nick can come in contact with a corpse, and when he does, he may be infected. Even though the worms do not cause any physical damage, they can make a person suffer from extreme fatigue and even death. The parasites may cause harm to other people, too, especially the ones who touch their dead victims.

Although the parasites are not very smart, they are still worth watching the movie because of their unique characteristics. No two movies have exactly the same story and it will be exciting to watch the movie from different perspectives. The different parasites that appear will make a difference. For instance, Nick has heard of spiders turning into fish but he is still wondering why they can turn into worms.

The treatment for these people is very simple. The parasites are eradicated by using antibodies that are available in pharmacies. When the antibodies destroy the parasites, they can no longer enter the human body and that will eliminate the problem immediately.

Zoe has been bitten by one of the parasites in the previous movie and she has already realized the horrible effect it can have on the human body. Unfortunately, the first time that she was bitten, she got better after being treated but in the present, her skin is so sensitive that when she is touched, she can be quite uncomfortable. There are antibiotics that can treat this but they are only given to people who have tested positive for a parasite and when they are found, they can be treated immediately.

In the second part of the movie, Zoe's crew of addicts is attacked by several parasites. They have to find another way out from the place where they are hiding so that they do not suffer the same fate as Zoe. They have a few moments of relief before the parasites come back and attack them. Of course, Zoe is going to do anything to help them out and soon enough, they are all reunited with their old friend, The Nuke.

This movie is a lot of fun and really brings a new spin to an old story. There are a lot of things that can be said about this movie but all we can say is that it is not for the weak of heart.

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